More cats

A friend of mine (who is also a great photographer, as you’ll see) sent me some pics of his adorable cat so i’ll post a few, from when he was a little puppy to nowadays. Enjoy and have a nice day :D


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When I took these pics they were just three weeks old – cuties! <3

Have a nice day :D

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Let’s get started

If you’re “Ugly Betty” fans you certainly already know what the title of this blog is about: the website which both Betty and Henry loved.

The website doesn’t actually exist, but I always though it would be nice to create something close to it – and here I am, stuffing this page with a lot of really, really cute pics :D

I’ll start with a pic of my cat since he’s the cutest thing I have right in front of me right now – but there’s more to come!

Have a nice day :D

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